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Everyday life in Finland. Your rights and obligations in Finland. How to apply for Finnish citizenship? The rights and obligations of Finnish citizens. Moving away from Finland. Where to find work? Job application and CV. Foreign diploma or degree in Finland. Equality and equal opportunities in working life. Agreeing on the conditions of employment. Contents of a contract of employment. Health and safety at work. If you fall ill. Obligations of the entrepreneur.

Support for the entrepreneur. Tax return and tax decision. If you become unemployed. Everyday life at the workplace. Why should I study Finnish or Swedish? Official certificate of language proficiency.

Swedish language in Finland. Information about Finnish and Swedish. Important sentences in Finnish. Supported and service housing.

Rights and obligations of occupants. Waste management and recycling. The Finnish education system. Vocational education and training. Preparatory education for upper secondary school. Universities of applied sciences. Applying for education and training.

Vocational labour market training. Studying as a hobby. Foreign students in Finland. Foreign degrees in Finland. Health services in Finland. When you are expecting a baby. Services for disabled persons. What is a family? Getting married in Finland, a check list. Examination of the impediments to marriage. Deciding on the family name. Property in a divorce. Children in a divorce. Children of parents who are in a common-law relationship. Terminating a common-law relationship.

When a child is born in Finland. Bringing up children in Finland. Financial support for families. Support for pregnant women. Benefits for a family after a child is born. Benefits for looking after a child at home. Taking care of a child. Do you need a lawyer? Problems in marriage and relationships. Children's and young people's problems. Where to find help for children's and young people's problems? Accommodation in a crisis situation. Human trafficking and forced labour.

Recreation and travel in nature. Hobbies for children and young people. Information about Finland Basic information about Finland. Cultures and religions in Finland. Links in other languages. Elections and voting in Finland. Call and ask for advice. As an immigrant in Helsinki. Work and Enterprise in Helsinki. Finnish and Swedish in Helsinki. Problem situations in Helsinki.

As an immigrant in Espoo. Work and Enterprise in Espoo. Finnish and Swedish in Espoo. Problem situations in Espoo. As an immigrant in Vantaa. Employment and entrepreneurship in Vantaa. Finnish and Swedish in Vantaa. Problem situations in Vantaa. As an immigrant in Kauniainen. Work and Enterprise in Kauniainen. Finnish and Swedish in Kauniainen. Problem situations in Kauniainen. As an immigrant in Turku.

Employment and entrepreneurship in Turku. Finnish and Swedish language in Turku. Problem situations in Turku. As an immigrant in Tampere. Employment and entrepreneurship in Tampere. Finnish and Swedish language in Tampere. Problem situations in Tampere. As an immigrant in Joensuu. Work and enterprise in Joensuu. Finnish and Swedish in Joensuu. Problem situations in Joensuu. Living as an immigrant in Kokkola. Work and enterprise in Kokkola.

Finnish and Swedish in Kokkola. Health care in Kokkola. Problem situations in Kokkola. Moving to Ylivieska Region. Life in the Ylivieska Region. Living as an immigrant in the Ylivieska Region. Work and enterprise in the Ylivieska Region. Finnish and Swedish in the Ylivieska Region. Housing in the Ylivieska Region. Education in the Ylivieska Region. Health care in the Ylivieska Region.

Family in the Ylivieska Region. Problem situations in the Ylivieska Region. Leisure in the Ylivieska Region. Ahlströmille Referenssit Yhteistyökumppanit Kuvasto. Olet täällä Etusivu » Lasit » Jälkiruokakulhot » Jälkiruokakulhot.

Banana Split jäätelövati 23x11 cm Tuotekoodi:. Catalina kulho jalallinen 20,7 cl Tuotekoodi:. Catalina kulho jalallinen 30 cl Tuotekoodi:. Catalina kulho jalallinen 35,5 cl Tuotekoodi:. Gelato kulho jalallinen 28 cl Tuotekoodi:. Kastehelmi kulho 23 cl Tuotekoodi:.

Kulho 15 cl Tuotekoodi:. Kulho 23 cl Tuotekoodi:. Kulho 3 cl Tuotekoodi:. Kulho 38 cl Tuotekoodi:. Kulho 7 cl Tuotekoodi:. Kulho jalallinen 21 cl Tuotekoodi:. Kulho jalallinen 24 cl Tuotekoodi:. Maeva jälkiruokakulho 20 cl Tuotekoodi:.

Leisure in Kalajoki and Merijärvi. As an immigrant in Oulu. Getting married in Finland, a check list. Information about Finland Basic information about Finland. Moving away from Finland.

Stay up sukat sokos chat suomi


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